Accessibility achievements challenges and solutions from an industry perspective
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Accessibility……. Achievements, Challenges and Solutions from an Industry Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Accessibility……. Achievements, Challenges and Solutions from an Industry Perspective. HiSoftware. Kurt A. Mueffelmann, President & CEO Robert Yonaitis, Founder & CTO Rod Bernabe, Product Manager. Agenda. HiSoftware Introduction / Update Customer Successes

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Accessibility……. Achievements, Challenges and Solutions from an Industry Perspective

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Presentation Transcript

Accessibility…….Achievements, Challenges and Solutions from an Industry Perspective


Kurt A. Mueffelmann, President & CEO

Robert Yonaitis, Founder & CTO

Rod Bernabe, Product Manager

HiSoftware Confidential.


  • HiSoftware

    • Introduction / Update

    • Customer Successes

  • Accessibility Market Perspective

  • Product Solutions

    • Accessibility Kit for SharePoint

    • HiSoftware Commercial Offerings

      • AccVerify / AccMonitor

      • Compliance Sheriff

      • On-Line Accessibility Validator

HiSoftware Confidential.

Founded 1998

4,000 world-wide customers in 88 countries (inception)

Industry Leading Technical Accessibility Solutions Vendor

“Cynthia Says”

Over 15m users

Microsoft Accessibility Partner



HP Web Governance

Multi-tiered Distribution Channel

International Offices


Worldwide Resellers

Consulting Services Partners

Triple-digit growth in Revenue

HiSoftware Overview

HiSoftware Confidential.

  • Mandated to comply with Section 508

  • Thousands of content creators using a variety of development solutions to build Web based content, including Microsoft Office

  • As many as 10,00 pages are updated each day with requirement for accessibility testing




  • AccMonitor Federal Risk Management

  • AccVerify/AccRepair (user-driven interactive desktop solution)

  • Automated tools reduce testing time by as much as 500%

  • Provided Cost savings of $5.8m

  • Reports are easy to use and provide detailed and accurate information needed to assure compliance

  • Solutions provide not only a reduction in costs but also provide a dramatic improvement in compliance


  • Requirement that all Web site be accessible based on Section 508 guidelines

  • Broaden market opportunities

  • Maintain corporate well-being status

  • Reduce operational costs



  • HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff

  • On-demand


  • Achieved Federal guideline status through 508 compliance

    • Ensured $120m revenue stream

  • Reduced web-monitoring costs through automation

  • Broadened market opportunities by up to 20%

  • Leveraged corporate citizenship status


California State University System (CSU)

  • Requirement that all Web site be accessible by April 2005, based on Section 508 guidelines.

  • Highly Decentralized environment

  • Each campus is capable of setting up web servers and developing its own web presence.



  • HiSoftware AccMonitor Compliance Server (automated compliance testing and monitoring)

  • HiSoftware AccVerify/AccRepair (user-driven interactive desktop solution)


  • Consistent accessibility review and analysis, as well as a standard format for feedback

  • Tool for both education and quality assurance – Operational Efficiency

  • Time saving features reduce cost of remediation

  • Ease of use – Reduced Cost


HiSoftware Accessibility Domain Expertise

  • Professional Associations

    • W3C

      • Accessibility sub-committees (WCAG 1.0 / 2.0)

      • Web Security Context Working Group

    • Section 508 Technical Refresh Committee

    • Int’l Committee for IT Standards JTC on Accessibility

    • Int’l Accessibility Organization, SIDAR (EU) – Board of Director

    • Guild of Accessible Web Designers (UK)

  • International Working Groups (2006/2007)

    • EU Ministerial eAccessibility Summit – Riga, Latvia

      • Sole Accessibility technology invitee

    • EU eAccessibilty Forum in Paris w/BrailleNet (Fr)

    • Accessibility Testing at EU Parliament

      • Invited presenter – “Embedding Accessibility in Mainstream ICT”

HiSoftware Confidential.

How do I expand my market presence through the web?

How do I avoid litigation surrounding web accessibility

How do I increase visitors trust through brand consistency and messaging?

Is my website Trustworthy?

Is my website functioning at peak efficiency or is there broken links, slow pages, dated information?

How do I Increase Corporate Responsibility?

Accessibility Requirements Expand through Growth of Web

HiSoftware Confidential.

Changing Marketplace

  • Changing Compliance Standards

    • WCAG 2.0 / Section 508 Refresh

    • Custom Requirements

  • Lawsuit Exposure

  • Proliferation of Web

    • Dynamic and Expanded Content

    • Increased Transaction Levels

HiSoftware Confidential.

International Accessibility Standards

  • United Kingdom

  • UK Disability Rights Commission recently invoked national law requiring all public website meet accessibility requirements

  • UK Disability Discrimination Act of 1995

  • Canada

  • Common Look & Feel Law

  • Japan

  • E-policy for IT

  • Europe

  • EU announces 2003 “Year of Person with Disabilities” and commits web accessibility policy for member states

  • European Union Public Policy for Web and “E-Inclusion”

  • United States

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Section 225 of the Telecommunications Act

  • Sections 504 & 508 of the rehabilitation Act

  • Workforce Investment Act of 1998

  • Assistive Technology Act of 1998

  • Australia

  • Disability Discrimination Act

Emerging Markets

Brazil and China - We are watching these new markets closely.

HiSoftware Confidential.

Audiences – Who’s Responsible

  • Executive Management

  • Compliance Officers & Departments

  • IT

  • Marketing Departments

  • User Experience

  • Application Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Web Content Provider

  • Quality Assurance Engineers

HiSoftware Confidential.

Goal of End to End Accessibility

  • Enable customers to achieve website accessibility compliance

  • Simplify end-user tools for accessible content creation, editing and approval.

  • Integration into developer environment to check for conformances in the template and website development stage.

  • Reduced IT cost and manpower in development and maintenance

  • Leverage internal skill sets for developers, administrators and end-users.

HiSoftware Confidential.


  • Build Compliance into Development Life-Cycle with Desktop Solution

    • Identify/resolve content compliance issues at the time of content creation,

    • Test both Transactional and Static Content

    • Integrate into Development Environment or Content Mgmt System using HiSoftware’s open-API.

  • Audit Content & Quality Monitoring Server Solution

    • Ensure that Corporate and Regulatory Standards for Web Content are adhered to within the organization.

    • Provide a Global Audit of Web Content Compliance status on a scheduled basis and send reports to the proper stakeholders.

      • Offers Audit/Historic view for measuring progress

      • Repeatable Process

HiSoftware Confidential.

Joe, who is of legal counsel, receives regular updates on compliance for content and web governance as a user of SharePoint Sherriff

Rob, an Executive, uses AccMonitor to run scheduled reports. He is responsible content and regulatory compliance for the entire Web site.

Tom, a Web developer, uses AccRepair for SharePoint Designer. He benefits from automatic repairs, and also performs some repairs manually.

Sue, content provider, updates content through the MOSS web console). She uses SharePoint Tester.



Compliance Sherriff

On-Line AccValidation

Rebecca manages the QA team. She tests all the pages in batch using AccVerify.

Collaborative Work Flow for Compliance

HiSoftware Confidential.

Accessibility Solution Requirements

  • Educates organizations on Compliance issues

    • Developers, Content Providers, Business Owners etc.

  • Audits thousands of Web Pages

    • Regulatory Requirements

    • Accessibility, Privacy and Security Exposure

    • Brand Risk and Potential Litigation

  • Enforces Specific Content Standards

    • How do you know which groups are meeting their requirements?

  • Measures for Standards

    • How does you know if sites meet standards?

    • Are sites meeting customer experience requirements?

HiSoftware Confidential.

Accessibility Messaging Points

  • Lessen Risk Management Exposure

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Lawsuit avoidance

  • Increase Social Awareness and Corporate Responsibility

  • Broaden Market Opportunities

    • New customers

    • Increase customer confidence & trust

    • Consistency

HiSoftware Confidential.

Product Solutions

  • Microsoft Alliance

    • Accessibility Kit for MOSS ’07

    • HiSoftware MOSS end-to-end

      • AccMonitor / AccVerify / AccRepair

  • Compliance Sheriff

  • On-line Validation Tool

HiSoftware Confidential.

Microsoft Partnership Initiatives

  • ISV since 1998

  • Product Involvement and Integration

    • Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (AKS)

    • Microsoft FrontPage Accessibility Checker

    • SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Accessibility Templates & Guidance

      • 250,000+ Downloads

    • Microsoft Office

    • Microsoft SharePoint Designer / Expression / Visual Studio

    • VISTA

  • Internal Usage of Products

    • EMEA Accessibility Monitoring

    • Accessibility Monitoring

    • Microsoft-wide Accessibility

  • Sales & Marketing Alliances

    • Microsoft Public Sector – US FED

      • “Solution for On-line Accessibility for Content Management Server (CMS)”

    • Microsoft Accessibility Templates - Worldwide

    • Microsoft Accessibility

    • Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

    • Microsoft “Live” - tbd

HiSoftware Confidential.

SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007

A business productivity platform optimized for the way people work in the unstructured world

  • Familiar, consistent user environment

  • Integrated business productivity capabilities

  • Adaptive development platform

  • Built for the enterprise

HiSoftware Confidential.

SharePoint Growth

  • $800m Revenues – FY2007

    • MSFT’s Fastest Growing Product in History!

  • 35% CAGR

  • 84m Servers

HiSoftware Confidential.

Key SharePoint Accessible Items

  • Use of Titles

  • Tables

  • Use of Color

  • Navigation

  • Alternative Text for non-text based elements

  • Absolute font size vs. relative font size

  • End – End solution for content monitoring & reporting

HiSoftware Confidential.

AKS Deliverables

  • The Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (“solution”) will have the following release offering and schedule:

  • Accessibility Kit for SharePoint 1.0

    • 1. Complete MOSS accessibility assessment and remediation

      • Enables the implementation of a WCAG 1.0 AA / Section 508 compliant Internet facing websites and/or intranet portal

    • 2. Update to Content authoring environment

  • Accessibility Kit for SharePoint 1.1

    • 3. Update to collaborative environment within MOSS

      • Wikis & Blogs

  • Community Support

    • 4. Creation, development, support and launch of Accessibility Kit for SharePoint online community site for SharePoint customers and partners.

HiSoftware Confidential.


  • AKS is an add-on pack for MOSS 2007 that provides accessibility and usability enhancements for MOSS.

  • This is done through a series of updates to CSS, Master pages and templates, and updates to content rendered by Web parts through the use of control adapters.

  • Phase I of kit addresses Internet and Intranet publishing templates and Web sites. Phase II of the kit addresses teamsites and collaboration.

HiSoftware Confidential.

Master pages and templates

HiSoftware Confidential.

Typical MOSS page

HiSoftware Confidential.

Fonts are absolute by default in MOSS

HiSoftware Confidential.

Apply AKS

HiSoftware Confidential.

AKS masters change font size to relative vs Absolute-now large is large

HiSoftware Confidential.

Medium is medium

HiSoftware Confidential.

Override default Styles with AKS Styles and Images

HiSoftware Confidential.

AKS StyleSheets in designer

HiSoftware Confidential.

End to End Accessibility for SharePoint – AKS / HiSoftware

HiSoftware Confidential.

Three Easy Steps

  • Developer

  • Workflows

  • SharePoint Tester

HiSoftware Confidential.

AccRepair for SharePoint Designer

HiSoftware Confidential.

AccRepair for SPD

HiSoftware Confidential.

Test and Repair in SPD

HiSoftware Confidential.

Accessibility Workflow for SharePoint

  • HiSoftware extends the MOSS platform with a combination of user driven interactive desktop tools that allow content creators to build, test and remediate accessible content with PC based developer solutions

  • HiSoftware back end automated monitoring solutions extend the MOSS platform through unattended compliance testing and workflow integration.

HiSoftware Confidential.

Configuring the Workflow

HiSoftware Confidential.

HiSoftware Check Accessibility Column

HiSoftware Confidential.

Defining the Workflow

HiSoftware Confidential.

The Site Collection Features

HiSoftware Confidential.

Page Tester for SharePoint

HiSoftware Confidential.

SharePoint Home

HiSoftware Confidential.

SharePoint Web based Interface

HiSoftware Confidential.

SharePoint Tester provides browser based testing and reporting for content creators

HiSoftware Confidential.

Report from the Tester

HiSoftware Confidential.

HiSoftware Solutions

Accessibility Compliance Commercial Offerings

HiSoftware Confidential.

Product MapAccessibility Product Stack from HiSoftware

identify what is best solution




Content Creator


Monitors, tests and identifies compliancy requirements for accessibility, privacy, data security through dashboard scorecard and drill down reporting in web-browser environment.

Allows content providers to test and validate individual pages on accessibility through hosted test prior to publication.

Provides accessibility monitoring for organizations under 1,000 users through file testing and issue identification.

Provides accessibility improvements to through content, web pages, templates, etc

Collaborative Workflow and Scorecard Reporting

Basic Architecture


Content Accessibility on per Page basis

Integrated Back-end Accessibility

HiSoftware PageTester

AccVerify & Repair

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff

HiSoftware AccMonitor

HiSoftware Confidential.

Compliance Sheriff

HiSoftware Confidential.

Monitors all web properties to identify accessibility issues

Interactive scripting feature allows for dynamic content and transactional monitoring

Collaborative workflow allows management and content developers to integrate fixes and trends

Accessibility Audit Solution

  • Detailed Dashboard Reporting

  • Source code identification at developer level for rapid fixes

  • Industry and Competitive benchmarking

  • Multi-tiered licensing model

HiSoftware Confidential.

Executive Level Dashboard

HiSoftware Confidential.

Cool Stuff

HiSoftware Confidential.

Collaborative Workflow

  • Quick Drill Down to code level

    • Exact Line Number / HTML Source Code

HiSoftware Confidential.


  • View/Edit checkpoint definition within the one application

  • Groups/Subgroups for ease of administration/management

HiSoftware Confidential.

Checkpoint customization

  • Allows for complex rules to be defined using pre-configured conditions, or using Regular Expressions in the value fields.

HiSoftware Confidential.


Views let you combine charting, summary data and detailed tabular information about the results from your scans. The preview automatically updates with live data as you select the various options to customize your view

HiSoftware Confidential.

Views – Executive Trend Analysis

Easily combine the results from multiple scans, or to restrict them to just the checkpoint categories that interest you, you can plot historical data, showing how your site has improved over time:

HiSoftware Confidential.

On-Line Validation

HiSoftware Confidential.

On-line Accessibility Validation

HiSoftware Confidential.

Simplified Reporting

HiSoftware Confidential.

Source Level Reporting

HiSoftware Confidential.

IRS Saves $5.8m in web development costs

Gateway Corp expands market opportunity by 25m users

Major retailer avoids accessibility litigation

Motorola increases consumer trust through accessibility monitoring

California State University implements system wide WebGovernance monitoring and integrated development to avoid Accessibility Litigation

“HiSoftware should be seen as an essential aid to the process of web site design, test and monitoring. The outcome will be a better user experience and an ultimate increase in the bottom line.”

- Peter Abrahams, Analyst Bloor Research

Strong Return on Investment Using HiSoftware Solutions

HiSoftware Confidential.

The Invisible 20%

Microtrends – The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes

Mark Penn - Author

HiSoftware Confidential.

For Further Information

Kurt A. Mueffelmann, President & CEO

HiSoftware Confidential.

HiSoftware Confidential.

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