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4-H Electric Awards Project Records, Cumulative Records, Recruiting Awards, Territorial Awards, Presentations, National 4-H Congress, Scholarships, Honor Club Earning the NC 4-H Electric Congress Trip County Delegate Recruiting Delegate Recruiting At Large Delegate

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4-H Electric Awards

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4 h electric awards l.jpg

4-H Electric Awards

Project Records, Cumulative Records,

Recruiting Awards, Territorial Awards, Presentations, National 4-H Congress, Scholarships, Honor Club

Earning the nc 4 h electric congress trip l.jpg

Earning the NC 4-H Electric Congress Trip

  • County Delegate

  • Recruiting Delegate

  • Recruiting At Large Delegate

  • Cumulative Record Delegate

Electric project records l.jpg

Electric Project Records

  • Each county may send their two best electric project record winners as Electric Congress County Delegates (age 11 & up)

  • A 4-H’er may attend as a County Delegate two times

Electric cumulative records l.jpg

Electric Cumulative Records

  • A county may send two Electric Cumulative Record participants to NC 4-H Electric Congress

  • Chance to win Territorial Awards:

  • 1st place – tv/vcr/dvd

  • 2nd place – ipod mini

  • 3rd place – ipod shuffle

Electric recruiting award l.jpg

Electric Recruiting Award

  • A county may send one Electric Recruiting Delegate to NC 4-H Electric Congress

  • Delegate must conduct and activity and recruit a minimum of 8 4-H’ers into the Electric Program

  • 4-H’ers that have been “recruited” should complete the Electric Recruit Activity Record

  • A 4-H’er may attend as a recruiter multiple years by recruiting new 4-H’ers in multiples of 8:

    recruit 8 4-H’ers year 1

    recruit 16 4-H’ers year 2

    recruit 32 4-H’ers year 3

Recruit activity record l.jpg

Recruit Activity Record

  • Describe the things you did in this electric workshop:

  • What things did you learn:

  • What did you learn that you can use again?

  • What other things would you like to do, make or learn about in the 4-H Electric Project?

    • www.bae.ncsu.edu/programs/extension/4-h/electricrecruitform.pdf

Recruiting at large award l.jpg

Recruiting At-Large Award

  • Up to 10 At-Large awards may be presented as determined at the state level

  • To those passing minimum recruiting requirements who have lost to another recruiter in their county

  • Recruits must complete the Recruit Activity Report Form

  • Must have exhausted the county delegate status to be awarded at-large recruiter

Electric territorial awards l.jpg

Electric Territorial Awards

  • One traveling plaque awarded for each territory

  • One permanent State Winner Plaque

  • Complete the NC 4-H Electric Group Report Form: due March 1

  • 1. Outline the plan of action for your group’s project or activity.

  • 2. What were the responsibilities of the member?

  • 3. What were the responsibilities of the leaders?

  • 4. What resource people were involved? What were their responsibilities?

  • 5. What community resources did you use?

Electric territorial awards9 l.jpg

Electric Territorial Awards

  • 6. What did the group learn?

  • 7. What kinds of things did the group do?

  • 8. What were the results of the program?

  • 9. What are the group’s plans for continuing the project or activity?

  • 10. Attach samples of news articles, photographs with captions, letter or other printed materials to supplement your report.

  • http://www.nc4h.org/publications/forms/electric-group99.pdf

4 h electric presentation l.jpg

4-H Electric Presentation

  • District Award of $75 to NC 4-H Congress

  • State Gold Winner - $50 award

  • Other categories:


National 4 h congress l.jpg

National 4-H Congress

  • Premier Leadership Event

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Application, Resume, Interview

  • Application & Resume due in May

  • ARI Retreat

  • Select Science and Technology Category

  • http://www.nc4h.org/publications/forms/ARI/

Scholarships l.jpg


  • Kristina Jarrell 4-H Electric ($500)

  • To a freshman at any accredited institution

  • Enrolled in the 4-H Electric Project

  • Attended NC 4-H Electric Congress

  • Huddleston Family 4-H Electric ($500)

  • Currently enrolled in the 4-H Electric Program & in the Duke Energy Territory

  • Attended NC 4-H Electric Congress

  • Applications due in January

    • http://www.nc4h.org/youth/awards.html

Nc 4 h honor club l.jpg

NC 4-H Honor Club

  • Ages 16 - 20 may apply

  • May induct .05% of 4-H membership

  • Application consists of:

    community servicecitizenship

    4-H promotionleadership


    special 4-H activitiespresentations

    non 4-H activitiesprojects


Why project records l.jpg

Why Project Records?

Shows growth in subject

Learn to set goals

Learn to keep records

Transfer to cumulative records

Recognition at Achievement Program

$50 cash award for district winners

Getting started l.jpg

Getting Started

Project Selection Sheets

Project Manuals/Books (curriculum)

Project Record Forms

NC 4-H Achievement Form


Parts of a 4 h record l.jpg

Parts of a 4-H Record

Section 1. My 4-H Plan

Section 2. My 4-H _________ Record

Section 3. Personal Touch/Express Yourself

Section 4. My 4-H Story

Section 5. My 4-H Activities (11-12)

Section 4. 4-H Leadership (13-15 & 16-18)

Section 5. 4-H Community Service

(13-15 & 16-18)

Section 6. 4-H Citizenship

(13-15 & 16-18)

Personal information l.jpg

Personal Information

Age as of January 1 of the current year

Southwest Extension District

Make sure parent and leader have signed


My 4 h plan l.jpg

My 4-H Plan

4-H Projects

I want to make a lampApril

I want to learn how a simple circuit worksApril

I plan to give an Electric presentationJune

I will make a skirt and blouseMar.

I plan to enter the County Fashion RevueApril

I will enter my skirt and blouse in the fairOct.

My 4 h plan19 l.jpg

My 4-H Plan

Other 4-H Activities

I plan to enter the 4-H Talent ShowApril

I want to go to 4-H CampJune

I will enter the 4-H Foods ShowSept.

I plan to enter the 4-H Photo ContestJune

I will go to County Council Meetingsmonthly

My 4 h plan20 l.jpg

My 4-H Plan

Community Service

I plan to help at the Soup Kitchen with

County CouncilJan.

I will visit nursing homes with my clubDec.


I plan to run for a club officeNov.

I will help w/ Summer Fun activitiesJune


I will write legislators about the lottery Feb.

I want to attend a county commissioner meetingOct.

My 4 h record 9 10 l.jpg

My _____ 4-H Record (9-10)

1. Things learned and done

2. Favorite Part

3. Goals Accomplished

4. Show and Tell

5. Who helped you?

My 4 h record 11 12 l.jpg

My ____ 4-H Record (11-12)

1. Things learned and done

2. What did you learn that you can use again?

3. How have you helped others in this project?

4-H Record of Accomplishments (13-15 & 16-18)

Things done & knowledge gained.

Personal touch express yourself l.jpg

Personal Touch/Express Yourself

Personal Touch (9-10 & 11-12)

Up to six pages

Include items about project in Section 2

Express Yourself (13-15 & 16-18)

Story 2-6 pages

1-2 items, Up to 10 pages (including story)

Include items about project in Section 2

Personal touch express yourself items l.jpg

Personal TouchExpress Yourself Items

Pictures showing involvement (better than pictures receiving awards)



Page from Project Manual showing records kept or work completed

Newspaper articles or newsletter items written by 4-H’er

Video/Audio Tape – Two minutes

4 h story l.jpg

4-H Story





1 paragraph on each project completed


4 h activities 11 12 l.jpg

4-H Activities (11-12)


Community Service


Other 4-H Activities such as:

talent show

fashion show


DO NOT re-enter information about the main project listed in section 2

Include Dates Accomplished

4 h leadership 13 15 16 18 l.jpg

4-H Leadership (13-15 & 16-18)

4-H offices held

4-H committees served

Teaching others

Organizing activities

You may include leadership in school, church, other activities if it relates to 4-H experiences

Include Dates Accomplished

Community service 13 15 16 18 l.jpg

Community Service (13-15 & 16-18)

Include any service projects completed with 4-H, school, church, etc.

Litter Sweeps

Soup Kitchen



Letters to Service People

Include Dates Accomplished

Citizenship 13 15 16 18 l.jpg

Citizenship (13-15 & 16-18)

Learning about government and decision making processes that affect your community, country and world

Flag etiquette

Attend Commissioners’ Meeting

Participate in Election Process

Write letters to Representative/Senator

Visiting National/Historic sites

Include Dates Accomplished

Tips tid bits l.jpg

Tips & Tid Bits

Include everything you’ve done or learned in Section 2

Put record in a paper folder with clasps

Write neatly or type, parents can help younger 4-H’ers

Do not have to use form, but label each page appropriately with section heading

Be creative

Keep Your Project Records

Judging l.jpg


Judged at county level first, awards vary

Judged at district level by overall category

AnimalsEnv. Ed. Plants

Healthy LifestylesDiscoveryCivic Ed.

Consumer/FamilyComm./Exp. Art

Pers. Dev./Lead.Science/Tech/Computer

Each county may send

two records per age group per category

Judging32 l.jpg










Com Serv13


Lead/Com Serv/Cit25

4 h electric cumulative records l.jpg

4-H Electric Cumulative Records

  • There is no limit to the number of cumulative records submitted for judging to the state competition

  • State Awards:

    Ages 13-15Ages 16-18

    Gold - $100Gold - $150

    Silver - $50Silver - $100

    Bronze - $25Bronze - $50


Cumulative records i accomplishments in the record l.jpg

Cumulative RecordsI. Accomplishments in the __ Record

  • Ia.“Major” Project Accomplishments

  • only the last three year's accomplishments, beginning with the earliest year

  • most important presentations, talks, exhibits, radio, tv, newspaper articles, tours, camps, judging events and workshops and any other learning experiences

    2005Don’t Short Circuit Electric Presentation

    Manned Electric Exhibit at NC 4-H Gala

    2006Taught Electric Kit for County Summer Ventures

    NC 4-H Electric Congress County Delegate

    Repaired lamps for elderly

    2007Energy Efficiency Electric Presentation

    Wired ceiling fans for Habitat for Humanity

    Taught Rocket Circuitry for County Summer Ventures

Cumulative records i accomplishments in the record35 l.jpg

Cumulative RecordsI. Accomplishments in the __ Record

  • Ib.“Major” Project Knowledge & Skills

  • The last three year's work, beginning with the earliest year

    2005I learned how to read an electric meter

    I learned how to solder correctly

    2006what is a parallel and series circuit

    the difference between volts, amps & watts

    2007how to test grounded outlets

    how to determine cost of appliance operation

  • Ic. “Major Project Awards & Recognition

  • List significant awards and recognition you have received in this project area

Cumulative records other 4 h accomplishments skills knowledge l.jpg

Cumulative RecordsOther 4-H Accomplishments, Skills & Knowledge

  • II. Other 4-H Accomplishments, Skills & Knowledge

  • Accomplishments in any 4-H year not listed elsewhere in the NC 4-H Report Form

  • For the entire 4-H career

    20074-H County Talent Show participant

    4-H Poultry Poster, 1st place state

    20064-H Career Poster, 2nd place district

    WHEP, 4th place state junior individual

    2005Clothing Project Record, 2nd place county

    Fashion Show participant

    2004Farm City Week Committee

    County Council President

    2003County Council Historian

Cumulative records iii 4 h leadership l.jpg

Cumulative RecordsIII. 4-H Leadership

  • Leadership involves holding offices & serving on committees.

  • It also can involve teaching workshops, volunteering at 4-H Day Camps, giving a club program, organizing events and meetings, recruiting new members, serving as an Ambassador, and motivating peers to set a goal and take action.

  • The last three year's work, beginning w/ the earliest year

    2005Club President

    Taught Sewing Workshop for County Summer Ventures

    2006County Council President

    Participated in TRY-IT Training

    2007Taught Parliamentary Procedures for County Council

    District Council Secretary-treasurer

Cumulative records iv 4 h citizenship l.jpg

Cumulative RecordsIV. 4-H Citizenship

  • The last three year's work, beginning with the earliest year

    2005Lobbied County Commissioners for Skateboard Park

    Attended School Board Meeting

    2006Toured Washington DC

    Wrote to my NC Legislators about 4-H Camp

    2007Delegate to NC Citizenship Focus

    Met with my NC Representative

Cumulative records v 4 h community service l.jpg

Cumulative RecordsV. 4-H Community Service

  • The last three year's work, beginning with the earliest year

    2005Volunteered 50 hours at the Soup Kitchen

    Coordinated Samaritan’s Purse Project for club

    2006Redecorated Recreation Room for nursing home

    Delivered 120 meals on wheels

    2007Read 75 books for public library children’s time

    Collected 100 books for Head Start

Cumulative records express yourself l.jpg

Cumulative RecordsExpress Yourself

  • Up to three different methods of expressing yourself

  • The maximum number of pages is 10

  • Must include a story of no more than 6 pages

  • One or Two additional methods, must relate to “Major” Project in Section I (poem, photographs, teaching tools)

  • Video- Two minutes will be reviewed. Does not count in the page limit of 10 total pages.

  • Audio Tape-Two minutes will be reviewed. Does not count in the page limit of 10 total pages.

4 h electric project activity l.jpg

4-H Electric Project Activity

  • Attend training at NC Volunteer Leaders Conference (1st weekend in February)

  • Attend East or West training in spring

  • Attend Electric Congress training

  • 20 free kits

  • Additional kits $4 each

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