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Single Classroom Intervention. Building Level Crisis Team. District Level Crisis Team. Neighboring District Assistance. OSPA Crisis Response Team. NASP - NEAT Team. . . . . . School Needs. Deal with the situationRe-establish equilibrium as soon as possibleMedia can become a secondary crisisProtection of children and their privacy .

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school needs

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3. School Needs Deal with the situation Re-establish equilibrium as soon as possible Media can become a secondary crisis Protection of children and their privacy

4. Intervention Actions - Needs Physical survival Expression of feelings Cognitive functioning Real world functioning Establishing altered beliefs Behavioral and interpersonal adjustment

5. Why Crisis Intervention? Preparation is the best protection. Prevention Programs Planning

6. Planning Goals Prepare to identify the signs of problems What to do when a child/problem is identified? How resources can be used? To create: Safe schools Systems to address troubled students

7. When? NOW Review Current Crisis Plan Develop and Train School Safety Task Force Update School Policies Create a Response Plan

8. Levels of Intervention (Taken from Coping with Crisis, Lessons Learned, Scott Poland, OSPA Fall Conference, November 9, 2001) Primary Intervention (Prevention) Activities to prevent a crisis from occurring Secondary Intervention (Intervention) Activities in the immediate aftermath of a crisis to minimize the effects Tertiary Interventions (Post-vention) Long term follow-up: weeks, months or years later

9. Intervention Techniques Bibliotherapy Art Therapy Memorials, Projects, etc. Class Discussions Small Group Discussions

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