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6. Dilemma The Indian Removal Act of 1830 has been passed. You are a member of an Native American tribe who will be relocated to the Indian Territory. Members of your tribe are discussing rather to accept or resist relocating to this new territory.

7. Consider the following points Who are you? Tell us about your family. Where do you live? Describe your life. What was the Indian Removal Act? Why did whites pressure the government to force the Cherokee out of Georgia? How had the Cherokee adapted to living among white settlers? How did the Supreme Court rule on the Cherokee case, and why was Jackson able to ignore this ruling?

8. How did some Native American groups in the Southeast resist removal? How did the Indian Removal Act affect Native American groups in the Southeast? Why is the journey of the Cherokee to Indian Territory known as the Trail of Tears?

9. Will you resist relocation to the Indian Territory or will you make the long and difficult journey? Be sure to use the following vocabulary in your paper: Indian Removal Act Indian Territory Andrew Jackson Sequoyah

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