Cepia buchanan and cassey shaw
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Cepia Buchanan And Cassey Shaw - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

"Across Crocodile Lake" Cepia Buchanan And Cassey Shaw Benchmark! 5b:

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Cepia Buchanan And Cassey Shaw

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Cepia buchanan and cassey shaw l.jpg

"Across Crocodile Lake"

Cepia Buchanan


Cassey Shaw

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  • 5b:

    • Compare data and interpret quantities represented on tables and graphs, including line graphs, stem-and-leaf plots, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots to make predictions, and solve problems based on the information. (DOK 2)

Is it possible to predict something before you know all of the elements l.jpg

Essential Questions

Is it possible to predict something before you know all of the elements?

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You have already learned about several different graphs and plots!! Today we are going to put them to good use!!

Slide5 l.jpg

Stem-and-Leaf Plots

Slide6 l.jpg

Line Graphs

Slide7 l.jpg


Slide8 l.jpg

Box-and-Whisker Plots

Slide9 l.jpg

Now you will use these tables and graphs to make predictions and solve problems

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Guess What Happened Today!

  • Our school parking lot has been magically transformed into a large lake full of Crocodiles!

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Our Journey

  • Our journey today is going to be hard and adventurous. Put on your sailing hats and get busy!

  • Your “team” is going to devise a plan to get across this crocodile infested lake!


You can only use three sheets of newspaper l.jpg

You can only use THREE sheets of Newspaper!!

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  • The only way to cross the lake is by staying ON the newspaper.

  • The newspaper is your paper boat.

  • Any team member that steps off of the boat will be grabbed my a crocodile and will be out of the game.

  • The goal is to get as many team members across the lake alive as possible.

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  • If your team tears any piece of the newspaper, the boat will sink and the whole team will wind up in the croc-infested water!

  • Very strenuous and hard!

Predict l.jpg


  • Each group needs to predict several things:

    • How many of the team members do you think will make it across the lake alive?

    • How long will it take your team to cross the lake?

    • Will your team tear the newspaper?

    • Will your second trip across the lake be better times?


Slide16 l.jpg


  • Your team will be allowed 10 minutes to devise a strategy to make it across the lake.

  • So.. Let’s get into our teams:

Slide17 l.jpg

Team 1 (Yellow)

  • Amy

  • Ashley

  • Donna

  • Mary N.

  • Eddie

  • Caleb

Slide18 l.jpg

Team 2 (Red)

  • Michael

  • Ama

  • Chenata

  • Richard

  • Josie

Slide19 l.jpg

Team 3 (Blue)

  • China

  • Mary P.

  • Charlotte

  • Linda

  • Neomi

Slide20 l.jpg


  • 3 pieces of Newspaper per group

  • Wipe- Off board

  • Stop Watch

  • Graphing Paper

Slide21 l.jpg

One Last Note:

  • Make sure to use your wipe off board to keep your data when you cross the lake. Both times! You need to make sure we know:

    • How long it took

    • Who fell off, if anyone

    • Your strategy, and if it changed the 2nd time

You have 10 minutes devise a plan write down your predictions l.jpg

Get Into Your Groups!


-Devise a Plan

-Write down your predictions!

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Welcome Back!

  • So, we all survived the croc-infested lake… lets put all of our classroom data on the board for all to see.

Slide24 l.jpg

What To Do:

  • Each group will choose any of the four graphs we have discussed and use your data to create two graphs.

    • Graph 1- First trips across the lake

    • Graph 2- Second trips across the lake

Slide25 l.jpg

Did you have fun???

Slide26 l.jpg

Discuss with your group!

  • Were your predictions true?

  • Was your second strategy better?

  • What would you have changed?

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