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Analysis of coenzyme q 10
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School of Pharmacy:. School of Pharmacy:. Analysis of Coenzyme Q 10. By Taylor Sineath 6-1-01. Purpose. To test the qualities of Coenzyme Q10 dietary supplements using analytical methods. What is Coenzyme Q 10?.

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Analysis of Coenzyme Q 10

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Analysis of coenzyme q 10

School of Pharmacy:

School of Pharmacy:

Analysis of Coenzyme Q 10

By Taylor Sineath




To test the qualities of Coenzyme Q10 dietary supplements using analytical methods.

What is coenzyme q 10

What is Coenzyme Q 10?

Naturally occurring compound found in organisms. Used for a variety of indications notably cardiovascular diseases.

Forms dosage


  • GNC/FoodLion both 10 mg capsules

  • GNC is in a capsule form

  • FoodLion is in soft gel form

Testing methods

Testing Methods

  • Weight variation

  • Disintegration

  • HPLC Assay

Weight variation

Weight variation

  • Tests the variation in weight of capsules

  • Tests the deviation from the average

  • Tests the net fill of soft gel (FoodLion)

  • Tests the weight of the capsules (GNC)



  • Tests the solubility in an environment supposed to imitate that of the stomach

  • Used 6 capsules in sodium acetate buffer

  • 37oC +/- 2oC

  • The limit was 45min

Hplc assay

HPLC Assay

  • Determine concentration of analyte within a sample

  • Measures it by light absorption

  • Analyzed 3 capsules per lot

Hplc setup

HPLC Setup

  • Used a wavelength of 275nm

  • Flow Rate 1ml/min

  • Column 150mm x 4.6mm Altima C18 3

  • Mobile Phase (25:75) Hexanes:Methanol

  • Injection volume of 20 ul

Sample chromatogram

Sample Chromatogram

Sample preparation soft gels

Sample Preparation – Soft gels

  • Cut open the shell using forceps and a scalpel over a funnel in a 100ml volumetric flask

  • Wash the funnel,forceps and the scalpel into the 100ml flask with 20ml of hexanes

  • Sonicate for 5 min and diluted to volume with methanol

  • Then sonicate again for 5 min

Sample prep cont

Sample Prep. (cont.)

  • Pipetted 2ml of the sample into a 50ml volumetric flask and diluted with methanol

  • Filled a HPLC vial 1/2 to 3/4 full

Data from foodlion weight variation

Data from FoodLion Weight Variation

Data from gnc weight variation

Data From GNC Weight Variation

Disintegration of foodlion brand

Disintegration of FoodLion Brand

Disintegration of gnc brand

Disintegration of GNC Brand

Assay of foodlion soft gels

Assay of FoodLion Soft gels

Assay of gnc capsules

Assay of GNC capsules



  • Weight variations within brands consistent

  • Disintegrations within brands consistent

  • Assay would indicate variability within the lot and from lot to lot

  • Preliminary data suggests that FoodLion would be a better choice

    • Costs less $10 vs. $17

    • 100 capsules vs. 90 capsule in bottle

    • Less variability

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