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The market reports
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Organizations Allowing Wifi Interfaces Between Lab Instrumen...

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The market reports

Mobile Technology In The Lab Trends 2015


Industry & Market Reports at its BEST.

Mobile technology in the lab trends 2015

Mobile Technology In The Lab Trends 2015

Executive Summary

  •  This market report summarizes the results of HTStec’s industry-wide global web-based benchmarking survey on the use of mobile technology to monitor and control of lab instruments and automated systems carried out in April 2015.

  • The survey was initiated by HTStec as part of our tracking of emerging life science marketplaces.

  • The questionnaire was compiled to determine current interest and end-user requirements for mobile applications (apps) used to monitor and control lab instruments and automated systems. The results of the survey are intended to be used by instrument vendors to target their future R&D efforts on mobile technology and will assist them to bring new apps to the customer earlier.

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Mobile technology in the lab trends 20151

Mobile Technology In The Lab Trends 2015

  • The main questionnaire consisted of 33 mainly simple multi-choice questions. In addition, there were 5 questions related solely to administration/survey demographics.

  • The survey collected 55 validated responses, of these 75% provided comprehensive input.

  • Survey responses were geographically split: 36% Europe; 36% North America; 15% Asia (excluding Japan & China); 9% Japan; and 4% Rest of World.

  • Survey respondents were drawn from persons whose current work involves the use of lab instruments and/or automated systems.

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