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Dial 1-800-824-4013 to get Kaspersky technical Support from us. Our experts support team help to resolve your issues with computer security. We offers Kaspersky antivirus customer technical support Toll Free number 1-800-824-4013 to resolve antivirus tech related issues in your PC.

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Kaspersky Antivirus 1800-824-4013 Helpline Number

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Kaspersky antivirus 1800 824 4013 helpline number 7450240

ReportingKaspersky Antivirus Customer service Number:- 1800-824-4013

  • Easy-to-create Reports:

    • Virus/Malware Activity

    • Network Attacks

    • Anti-Virus Database Versions

    • External Anti-Virus Applications

    • Virus Protection Coverage

    • Licensing

    • Kaspersky Software Version

    • Custom Reports

Kaspersky antivirus support phone number

Kaspersky AntivirusSupport Phone Number

One of the top internationally-recognized developers of secure content management solutions that protect against viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, spam and hacker attacks

Over 250 million users worldwide protected by Kaspersky products and solutions;

Over 1,000 employees

Leading IT security experts

17 years experience in the antivirus field

10 years expertise in OEM business and customized solutions development for integration into a wide range of hardware and software platforms; 80+ OEM/licensing partners world-wide

24x7X365 AV Lab and Support Centre (based in Moscow, Russia)

Over 200 000 virus definitions; hourly signature updates

Kaspersky antivirus support number 1800 824 4013 introducing

Kaspersky Antivirus support Number:- 1800-824-4013INTRODUCING

  • Powerful and flexible tool designed for centralized security management

  • Provides corporate IT security professionals with tools to efficiently protect network users from viruses and malicious programs

  • Free administration tool included as part of Kaspersky Open Space Security

Kaspersky antivirus tech support number 1800 824 4013

Kaspersky Antivirus® Tech Support Number:- 1800-824-4013

Customer Service Number:- 1800-824-4013

What makes a great av solution

Detection Rates


Response Timeto New Threats

Minimum of False Positives

What makes a Great AV solution?

Kaspersky technical support phone number 1800 824 4013

Kaspersky Technical Support Phone number:- 1800-824-4013

What makes a great kaspersky antivirus solution

What makes a Great kaspersky Antivirus solution?

Best Detection Quality

combined with minimal false alarms

Premium proactive technologies

Rapid response with emergency updates

Most frequent and small regular updates

Best-of-classprotection from spyware, adware, rootkitsand other hostile programs

Largest number of supported formats

Protection from mobile malware included

Top disinfection support + changes rollback

Mobile policy

Certified local service

Largest number of supported formats and service number 1800 824 4013

Email (MIME)

















Largest number of supported formats and service number:- 1800-824-4013

  • Antivirus solutions should be able to scan objects, no matter how or how many times they have been compressed, packed, archived or embedded into installers

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus supports more than 2,000 different types of packers, archives and installers – all of which can potentially contain malicious code

  • Thus we have included support for ISO files and other uncommon formats

How we rate highest ranking using independent tests

How We RateHighest Ranking Using Independent Tests*

Number of 1stPlace Awards

*Based on minimum participation in 8 of 15 independent tests

Note: Weighted Average calculated by summing all test scores for each vendor and then dividing by the number of tests in which they participated

Premium proactive protection antivirus 1800 824 4013

Premium proactive protection Antivirus 1800-824-4013

  • Behavior-based proactive defense module

  • In recent tests by AV-Comparatives, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 provides exceptionally effective proactive protection - detecting 99% of the AV-Comparatives collection

  • Unique suite of proactive technologies (heuristic, generic and behavioral) for zero hour detection of unknown malicious programs with maximum accuracy

  • Also works at the gateway

Heuristic scanning

Kaspersky antivirus 1800 824 4013 helpline number 7450240

Kaspersky Antivirus Support Number:- 1800-824-4013

  • CiscoNetwork Admission Control technologynow featured in Kaspersky Lab products

  • All computers that have reconnected to the network after an absence are first checked for compliance with applicable security policies

Kaspersky antivirus customer number 1800 824 4013 kaspersky open space security

  • Administration Server

    • Network Agent

    • Administration Server

Kaspersky Antivirus Customer Number- 1800-824-4013 Kaspersky Open Space Security

  • Enforce enterprise security policies

  • Remote rapid deployment

  • Removal of third party AV software

  • Manage anti-virus licenses

  • Updates antivirus databases and program modules

  • Reports on and analyze network statistics

  • Administration Server Set-up

Kaspersky antivirus 1800 824 4013 helpline number 7450240

Domain 1

Administration Server

Domain 2

Kaspersky Antivirus Helpline Number:- 1800-824-4013

Admin Server Set-up

  • Quick Start Wizard

    • Scans corporate network

    • Moves machines from Network container to Administrative Groups container

  • Scanning of Network

    • Only Admin Kit which scans via Active Directory, IP subnets, and Workgroups

    • Symantec and Trend consoles only scan by IP subnets

Kaspersky antivirus 1800 824 4013 helpline number 7450240

Antivirus Protection Components

  • Manages seven real-time protection components

    • File Anti-Virus

    • Mail Anti-Virus

    • Web Anti-Virus

    • Proactive Defense

    • Anti-Spy

    • Anti-Hacker Firewall

    • Anti-Spam

  • Anti-Virus update source

  • Scan scope

  • User interface and notifications

  • Mobile user policy (only Kaspersky and Symantec)

Kaspersky antivirus 1800 824 4013 helpline number 7450240

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Deployment

  • Quick and Easy Deployment

    • Use of wizards to create tasks

    • Deployment of third party software

  • Centralized Anti-Virus Installation Methods

    • Push install using Windows Networking

    • Login script

    • Third party management console

  • Scheduling

    • On demand

    • Automatic deployment to new computers (Only Kaspersky and Trend)

  • Wake-on-LAN/Shut Down

    • Remotely turn on client computers to perform scheduled tasks and shut them down

      (Only Kaspersky)

Kaspersky antivirus 1800 824 4013 helpline number 7450240

Kaspersky Antivirus

Admin Server Set-up

Performance - one server can support thousands of computers

Scalability andHierarchy- any number of servers can co-exist on one logical network

Connectivity – support for any network configuration and topology including FW, VPN, PFW, proxies etc.

Kaspersky tech support phone number 1800 824 4013 full scale protection

Kaspersky Tech Support Phone Number:- 1800-824-4013Full-scale protection

Kaspersky antivirus 1800 824 4013 helpline number 7450240

Full list of unique features Of Antivirus

  • Suspension of scanning in case of increased user activity

  • We have one of the most powerful proactive defense module, including keyloggers and rootkits advanced detection techniques

  • PDM’s rollback technology is really powerful and unique

  • Our Anti-Hacker module is very powerful and provide a very good protection against leaktests (~ZA, Oupost; better than Symantec, MacAfee, Panda,…)

  • Intrusion prevention subsystem contains constantly updatable up-to-date database and shows much better results than competitor’s subsystems Advanced self-protection

  • Web-antivirus which provides additional powerful level of protection

  • Unique SSL-traffic scanning

  • Rescue CD tool (you need only XP SP2 and free PEBuilder)

Thank you

Thank you

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