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Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Dealing With Custom Home Builders In Northern Virginia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Investing your time, money and efforts into customized construction of your property is a humungous undertaking and commitment. Read more.\n

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Investing your time, money and efforts into customized construction of your property is a humungous undertaking

and commitment. The help, support and advice of expert construction professionals will definitely be necessary at

this juncture. But there are many times when unscrupulous service providers will try to give you a run for your

money. The best Northern Virginia custom home builders have put together this guide to help you identify and avoid

some common pitfalls when dealing with architects and other professionals during the construction phase. Make

sure you keep these in mind to avoid getting ripped off or making a mistake while getting your home or office

building designed and constructed.

#Rushing into the construction phase

People say - “It is cheaper to fix your problems on paper than in the field” and this couldn’t be more true when it

comes to the construction industry. At any point of time, DO NOT let your builder in Northern VA push you into the

construction phase earlier than necessary. Make sure you go through, understand and discuss their design and

construction plans thoroughly. By evaluating each and every aspect of the design, you will be able to save on a ton of

money that would otherwise be lost on mistakes. Don’t fall into the usual trap of -“The sooner you begin

construction, the faster the project will finish”!

#Allow finger pointing

There are many home builders in Northern VA who will gladly point fingers at others in an attempt to transfer blame

for their mistake. Construction is a team effort and the architect/builder will act as the brains behind the entire

enterprise. Do not allow them to shift blame onto other service providers like your contractor. Ensuring proper

execution of the project is ultimately their responsibility. One good way to avoid such issues will be to have your

contractor and architect meet each other in person. Use this meeting to convey your vision and goals for the project

along with any constraints and limitations that you are facing. Use your people skills and try and bring both

professionals on to your team, working for the ultimate goal - successful completion of your construction project.

#Allow re-design in the name of “Value Engineering”

Value-engineering, in its academic definition, means engineering a design to have maximum value (where value is

the ratio of benefits to costs). In its more common usage, people say value-engineering to mean re-designing to

reduce scope because the project is over budget. Architects typically design something and then check to see how

much it will cost. This leads to surprises. The worst is when you get your heart set on all the beautiful features you've

picked out together, only to find out you're way over your budget and you have to let things go that you've been day

dreaming about. To avoid such scenarios, require your architect to practice something called "Target Value Design."

This is when you first define your target, or budget.

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