5 essential checks to make when buying a used boat in australia
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5 Essential Checks to Make When Buying a Used Boat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Buying a used boat can be cost effective especially if it is in really good condition. Make sure to check before you buy to avoid headaches in the future.\n\n1800 Approved Finance Solutions\n33 Ereton Dr.,\nArundel, QLD 4214\n1800277768\nhttp://www.1800approved.com.au/\n\nBoat Loans\nhttp://www.1800approved.com.au/boat-loans

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5 essential checks to make when buying a used boat in australia

5 Essential Checks to Make When Buying a Used Boat in Australia

Author: Jane Clothier

1800 Approved Finance Solutions

33 Ereton Dr.,

Arundel, QLD 4214



Once you've decided on the type of boat you want, be sure to make these 5 important checks before buying a more budget-friendly version on the used market. Doing so could save you from losing a fortune.

Check the Boat Broker to make these

Brokers offer the advantage of letting you view a large number of used boats in one location. Often, these will be realistically priced to reflect the current market. You should always check that a broker is reputable by looking for the Boating Industry Association (BIA) logo. 

Check the Seller to make these

Online adverts can be highly tempting, but there is little to confirm either that the boat is the one in the picture, or that the seller is genuine. Always ask for the seller's name, address, email and phone number, plus proof of ownership of the used boat.

Check the Seller to make these

at the very least, this means seeing evidence of Title, Registration, and Hull Identification Number (HIN) on newer boats. A legitimate seller will not mind providing this information, while you are offered some peace of mind.  

Check the History to make these

As with road vehicles, used boats appearing on the market sometimes have finance still owing on them. This means they’re not the seller’s property, so they’re unable to legally sell them.

Check with PPSR if the boat has securityinterest against it.

Check to make these the Used Boat

No matter how much you know about vessels, it pays to get an independent check done on the engine and hull.

Learning what’s right or wrong with the engine, steering, batteries, etc.could save you a lot of heartache and money, and improves your buyer’s negotiating position on end.

Check the Warranty to make these

If the boat is reasonably new, it may still be under a warranty, which may be transferable. If it does have one, check how much time is outstanding and what it covers, ie, engine, hull, components, accessories, service, etc.

1800 Approved Finance Solutions to make these

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